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Zex - 2D Space Game with 3D graphics

Zex is a 1998 space-trading game with 2D game area but with 3D objects rendered with a software render.

It was written by Stuart Ball and Rob Probin.

In 2005, Rob started to convert the underlying Mac game to SDL (using a custom made Mac-classic abstraction layer) and make the game cross platform. Soon Stu and others (involved in the original development) joined in this effort. Apart from that there were minor changes to get it building (and fix the odd bug) in 2010 and 2015.

We haven’t checked the wormholes still work.

NOTE: The game and manual refer to - but that web site doesn’t really exist except as a placeholder currently.

It is open source - see

Mac Downloads

At the moment, only the Mac pre-built binary is available. There might be bugs!

You can download from or from this very site: ZexMac.dmg

(Note, the DMG is signed. You need to copy the Zex folder to, and run it from, the Applications folder).

NOTE2: This is a 32-bit executable, as such won't run on Mac OS Catalina (10.15) and onwards, that only run 64-bit binaries. (NOTE to self: Rebuild, fix 32-bit problems).

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