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1. Micromouse Maze Viewer for Windows and MacOSX

Here is a maze viewer that can:

  1. edit the maze
  2. view multiple mazes at once
  3. show a shortest route
  4. show cell counts
  5. opens and saves standard Micromouse binary and text formats

Windows - Maze Viewer.exe

(tested on XP and Vista but probably works on 98/NT/2000/)

PowerPC MacOSX - Maze Viewer.dmg

(tested on 10.5, but probably works on 10.3/10.4. )

Doesn't work on Intel Macs without PowerPC emulator!

This program is free to use (freeware).

Binary Test Maze File - UK08Final.maz. More mazes can be found elsewhere.

I've tested the Mac version (it might be PowerPC), but not the Windows version yet. Let me know if it doesn't work.

(At some point I'll get chance to recompile these and also release the source and project.)

Screenshot of Maze Viewer
(click to embiggen)

2. Command Line Micromouse Maze Viewer

This needs to be compiled but allows command line scripting and validation of the maze. It's written in C++, but uses only a tiny but of C++ (vectors, strings and file-streams) and would be trivial to convert to C. I've released it under the MIT license which allows you to basically do anything you like with it (see the head of the file for specific details).


To compile this with gcc use the following on the command line:

g++ MAZ_to_text.cpp -o MAZ_to_text

Type the command to get a command line summary, typically something like:

./MAZ_to_text --double filename.maz

3. Maze Viewer and Python Solver

This isn't mine but, since you are here, you might be interested in this project as well:

4. Batch Maze Validator and Comparison Python Script

This program uses MAZ_to_text above then compiles a list of the '.maz' files within a specified directory, does some validation and then compares them all to see which are similar. It then outputs a tab-separated value list than can be pasted into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

There is a blog post with more information here:

(I've released it under the MIT license).

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