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Where is Gulpman?

The main Gulpman page is at

This page is maintained for the background history that lead to the Gulpman Clone.

Gulpman Clone - A Short History

What is a programmer to do whilst he's on Holiday? Well the answer in mid-2011 was to make an iPhone clone of an ancient (1983) Sinclair ZX Spectrum game called Gulpman. It wasn't far off being completed.

I did a basic port to Mac and Windows later on. At the end of 2012 and in 2013, in conjunction with some good friends (Tony and Kenny) it was cleaned up (work on both the Mac and Windows builds) and ported also to Linux. See for details.

Original Monster Code

On my 2012 summer holiday, because I wanted to know how the monsters actually moved (the algorithm), I ended up disassembling and analysing the whole game. For details on the maze movement, see the blog post here gulpman-maze-game-monster-movement.

Here is the annotated disassembly of the original game: gulpman_annotated.s


Screenshots from the original game:

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